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Nijgadh Municipality is situated in Bara District, Madhesh Province  of Nepal.  Among 16 local level governments of Bara, there are four municipalities including Nijgadh Municipality. Nijgadh formally came into existence as a municipality in May 8, 2014 incorporating the entire areas of the then Nijgadh V.D.C., Bharatgunj Singaul V.D.C. and Ratanpuri V.D.C.

Nijgadh Municiplaity is a geographically diverse and culturally very rich land that includes the spectacular geography and altitudes from the heights of Chure Mountains to the north to the lowland of the Terai to the South. Nijgadh is naturally very beautiful with various types of forest, vegetation, climate and cultures. Its total area is 289.4 sq. km. with currently an approximate population of 50 thousands. It is divided into 13 Wards and also touches the East-West Highway of Nepal. There is a mixed settlement of different castes, communities and religions residing with harmony in Nijgadh.

Nijgadh Municipality was declared open defecation free municipality in February 14, 2016 and consecutively declared fully literate municipality as well in 2017.  There are 1 multi faculty governmental university campus, 7 community schools, 20 basic education schools and 12 private schools in Nijgadh. Likewise, Nijgadh has 1 primary health care centre, 3 health posts and 4 basic health care centres and 1 community hospital.

The several rivers, streams and streamlets run through the areas of Nijgadh Municipality like the Bakaiya, Dhansar, Bhamara, Bagar, Lal khola, Bhaktalal Khola, Gadhwan, Shaktikhola, etc. The Singaul waterfalls and Shakti Khola area of Nijgadh are attractive spots for tourists.  Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in Nijgadh and many parts are covered with forests, rivers and streams. Nijgadh Municipality is also getting developed as banana zone in recent days. Nijgadh carries adequate potentials of turning it into an excellent tourist destination by promoting mountain biking, zip line, trekking and other ecofriendly games and adventures including home stay. Likewise, Nijgadh can be developed as an industrial and educational hub too.

There are Shahid Hira Lal Park, View Tower, Mohori Park, Hari Danda, Shiva Satyeshwar Temple, Parbat Nath Temple, Krishna Temple, Ram Janaki Temple, Palyun Samteling Monastery, Halkhoria Pond and other temples, monasteries, mosques and churches in Nijgadh.  The museum of aboriginal Kachhadiya Community is also under construction in Nijgadh. Dashain, Tihar, Lhosar, Fagu Purnima, Buddha Purnima and Madhi are main festivals celebrated in Nijgadh Municipality, Every year on Bala Chaturdashi, a Hindu festival, devotees gather on the bank of the Bakaiya river for rituals.

Nijgadh Municipality has all potentials necessary for development and connected with the national priority projects like the Terai Madhesh Fast Track Highway and Nijgadh International Airport. As a local government, Nijgadh Municipality has been allocating resources and making all efforts for developing it  as  a green smart city of Nepal.


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